Embrace Families Overview

What we do:

At Embrace Families, we believe all kids deserve to grow up in safe, stable and loving homes. That’s why we work to find solutions that put the child’s well-being first.

As a recognized national leader in child welfare services, we begin by helping Central Florida families overcome the root causes of abuse and neglect through programs that offer case management and other prevention services. When a child can’t remain safely in their home, we support them through foster care, adoption, mentoring and beyond to ensure that children in bad situations move toward brighter futures.

How we do it:

Our commitment to keep struggling families intact and improve outcomes for children, teens and young adults extends beyond the scope of traditional child welfare services; and our innovative organizational structure is designed to support this expanded scope.

Guided by a single vision, Embrace Families operates a centralized network of individual companies, each serving a distinct role.

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Last year, Embrace Families programs benefited more than 8,300 children and teens in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. On any given day, we cared for nearly 2,300 children and teens who were formally involved in the child welfare system, nearly 1,700 of whom were removed from their homes and placed in foster care. Of those 1,700, nearly 600 lived with an approved relative or family friend, 847 lived with licensed foster caregivers, and 156, mostly 12 years or older, lived in eight to 10 residential homes. Our prevention-focused Embrace Families Solutions programs served an additional 697 children.

We embrace a child-centered, family-driven model of practice that respects the strengths, perspectives and voice of all, engaging and empowering each individual to reach their unique goals.

We embrace meaningful and healthy collaboration among our colleagues, partners, stakeholders, and the community. We believe the best solutions originate from diverse talents, temperaments and life experiences.

We embrace innovation, championing change and visionary ideas. We believe in pursuing opportunities through prudent risk-taking, carefully building the resources necessary to create new solutions.

We embrace integrity and honor our commitments by not compromising our ethics and moral principles. We speak the truth, keep our promises and take responsibility for our actions.

We embrace accountability and serve as good stewards of all assets entrusted to our organization. We believe in sharing information frequently and with complete transparency.

We embrace mutual respect, recognizing that our organization is strengthened by our shared commitment to each other, recognition of individual needs, and thoughtful consideration of differing perspectives.

It goes without saying that managing the many and varied needs of the children and families in our care can be a complex process.  Just as any family juggles multiple priorities security, healthcare, education and budgeting, to name a few our family of companies manages an array of innovative programs and priorities.

Child Abuse Prevention

No child should experience the pain of abuse, neglect or abandonment. Through our collaborative network of dedicated providers, we work to ensure that vulnerable children are protected and that they receive the help they need to feel secure and cared for. With your help, we provide safe havens while delivering medical, counseling and other essential services to help childhood victims heal and move towards brighter futures.

This includes: foster care, adoption services, victim therapy, child and family advocacy, and more.

Family Stability

To reduce the trauma of family separation, we work to restore and strengthen families before the need to enter the foster care system occurs. Our investment in diversion services includes homelessness prevention, family therapy, and youth mental health programs.  With your help, we stabilize families by providing the necessary support they need to keep children safely in their homes.

This includes: case management, family in-home diversion services, family homelessness prevention, youth mental health programs, and more.

Youth Success

A child’s future should not be indelibly tarnished by events that brought them into the child welfare system.  Our investment in youth services ensures that teens and young adults in foster care have the supplies, resources and skills necessary to thrive personally, to achieve academically, and to prepare successfully for career and personal success. With your help, we provide the support they need to navigate the complex road to self-sufficient adulthood.

This includes: mentoring, tutoring, youth advocacy preparation, housing support, academic support, career readiness, independent living transition planning, driver license training, and more.