Jill Spannagel has over 26 years experience working in Social Services and over 10 years working with children and families served in the Child Welfare system. Prior to working at Embrace Families, she held positions as Clinical Supervisor for a residential treatment facility for youth, Manager of social services and case management for an urban hospital, Director of Children’s Mental Health services for the largest social service agency in the Chicago metropolitan area and was the Director of Clinical Services at a CBC.

At Embrace Families, she held roles in the Utilization Management Department. She joined Embrace Families as the Clinical Utilization Manager in Seminole County then moved into the Clinical Utilization Management Supervisor for tri-county. Jill has advocated for our children and families to receive the most appropriate treatment that includes alternative therapies. In 2014 she won Social Worker of the Year from the Florida Coalition for Families.

Jill has her Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Social Work from Aurora University, Aurora Illinois.