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One fingernail painted blue starts … one conversation that moves us … one step closer to ending the tragic reality that… one in five children will suffer abuse before the age of 18.

The MANicure Movement® is a grassroots effort designed to raise awareness of child abuse as a preventable health concern, and to ignite local action. The movement brings community leaders together to combat the statistic that one in five children will suffer abuse before the age of 18. As we challenge men (and women) to boldly show their support for children by wearing a blue polished fingernail, we inspire conversation and prompt action to support vulnerable children and their families.

The campaign runs throughout the month of April – which is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. There are many ways to participate. Register online to participate in our MANicure Movement® 10k / 2mile event on March 25, as we paint nails and launch a month of prevention activities; join our statewide MANicure Movement® educational series (check back for details, coming soon); donate and raise funds to support child abuse prevention efforts in your own community; get polished and spread the word via your social networks to help others learn what they can do to help prevent child abuse.

Join us in April – National Child Abuse Prevention Month – as we work together to polish off child abuse!