Dozens of Central Florida foster children find their forever families on National Adoption Day

Central Florida is setting records this National Adoption Day as 66 local children from foster care are united with their forever families.

National Adoption Day is observed annually on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

The event is focused on raising awareness of children in foster care waiting to be adopted.

It was all smiles for the families packed inside the Orange County Courthouse on Friday.

It’s a superhero-themed party that the Alamo family took to heart.

“I’m super mom, he’s super dad and super brother and little sister,” said Dairy Alamo.

On Friday, they’re became a forever family.

“We’ve been waiting for this moment to happen,” Dairy Alamo said.

Two years ago, Dairy, a cosmetology instructor, and Fernando, a bus driver, set out to build their family and started with foster care.

“We started this journey trying to help and be part of the solution,” Dairy Alamo said.

So at just four months old, Jayla came to live with them.

But after just one day, the learned she had an older brother.

“When she sent me the picture, he was sitting on the street and his eyes looked so sad and I said, ‘We gotta get him,'” Fernando Alamo said.

Jacori was just one and a half years old when the Alamo’s brought him home.

“He reached over and touched Jayla on her hand. That was very touching, very touching. And for some reason, it made me feel like he was telling his sister, ‘We’re gonna be OK,'” Fernando Alamo said.

Now, the Alamo’s are a family of four.

“It’s amazing to see the love and the change you can see in a child,” Dairy Alamo said.

Now, two years later, the adoption is official.

“We’re going to enjoy this day and cherish this day,” Fernando Alamo said.

“We want them to conquer the world,” Dairy Alamo said. “We’re gonna be here to support them for whatever they want to be.”

Credit for this story goes to Fox 35