FALL into Love with a Foster Child

Autumn is the season for love and friendship. It is the season where we get to huddle up under a blanket by a bonfire with our loved ones, listening to the crackle of marshmallows roasting while we make s’mores. It is the season where we tailgate and cheer on our favorite football team as they make a game-winning touchdown with our closest friends. It is the season where leaves glow beautiful hues of orange, red, and yellow as the sun sets in the sky.

This season of change brings a quiet excitement as we begin to pack away our swimsuits and don our light jackets. The leaves are crisp, the air is fresh, and the smell of pumpkin is wafting through the air. Fall is upon us. As we look forward to all of these things, youth in foster care are unable to experience this same excitement.

It is hard to look forward to bonfires when you have no one to make s’mores with. Football games are lonely when there are no loved ones you are able to cheer with. For youth in foster care, autumn is not an exciting season of change — it is a reminder of how slowly time seems to pass when you don’t have a loving family to spend it with.

This month, consider falling in love with a foster child. Through no fault of their own, children in foster care have been removed from their families due to financial, emotional, or medical problems that put them at risk of abuse and neglect. We need your help creating a nurturing place for each child to feel safe, inspired, and free to learn and grow

Help us break the cycle of abuse and neglect by providing nurturing homes for the children in our community who need them most. This month, consider participating in our final PRIDE classes of the year where members of our community are able to obtain their license to become foster parents.

Click here to view the schedule for our upcoming PRIDE classes.

Call 1-866-90CHILD to fall in love with a foster child and become the foster parent they deserve.