Critical On-going Resource Family Education

You are not alone!  A variety of training resources are available to help you navigate the complexities of raising children, especially those who have experienced trauma.





 Continued  Connections

Continued Connections Video

Continued Connections Resource Guide

 CORE Teen

 Parental Adaptation

Parental Adaptation Video

Parental Adaptation Resource Guide

 CORE Teen

 Parental Regulation


Parental Regulation Video

Parental Regulation Resource Guide

 CORE Teen

 Relationship   Development 


Relationship Development Video

Relationship Development Resource Guide

 CORE Teen

 Sexual Orientation,   Gender Identity &   Expression   (SOGIE)


SOGIE Resource Guide

 CORE Teen



Transitions Video

Transitions Resource Guide

 CORE Teen

 Trauma Informed   Parenting Part 1


Trauma Information Parenting Video Part 1

Trauma Informed Parenting Part 1 Guide

 CORE Teen

 Trauma Informed   Parenting Part 2


Trauma Information Parenting Video Part 2

Trauma Informed Parenting Part 2 Guide

 CORE Teen