You are not alone.

Embrace Families works in partnership with agencies or programs that provide case management, behavioral/mental health, medical, educational, child care, substance abuse, domestic violence or other social services to create the variety and quality of services that are needed by families in this community.

If your child has been placed outside of your home, it is imperative that we begin immediately to take the actions necessary that will allow your child to return home as soon as the childs safety can be ensured. If your child remains in your care, it is important that actions are taken which continue to reduce the safety concerns identified and allow the child to safely remain in your care.

The role of our case management team is to work alongside you to identify your family’s unique strengths and supports, so that together we can create service case plan that will resolve the safety concerns that brought your family to the attention of the child welfare system.

Once your case plan is in place, we will monitor progress closely; ensure that services your family needs are accessible; encourage and support you in completing the identified tasks; and communicate with you regularly and in a manner that is fair, honest, consistent and courteous. We expect that you will hold us accountable for doing our part in ensuring your family involvement. We also expect that, if challenges occur, you will bring this to our attention so that we can respond quickly.

Your partners at Embrace Families are sincerely committed to strengthening families, building upon existing natural supports, and providing effective, efficient and quality services. Be assured that we will do all possible to support you and to keep your children safe.

For more information: Embrace Families’ Parent Guide

Embrace Families Community Based Care, Inc. is a community-based care lead agency contracted with the Department of Children and Families.

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