From fostering to adopting: Couple continues to care for kids in welfare system

A couple is making room in their home and their hearts for children part of the welfare system, permanently.

Three-year-old Giovanni and two-year-old Pablo Antonio now call German and Danae Fuentes, mom and dad. We first brought you this couple’s story two years ago, when we introduced you to them as “everyday heroes” for fostering kids through Community Based Care of Central Florida.

In the past three years, the Fuentes have fostered 14 children. The kids that they have taken in come from all sorts of situations — mainly neglected and troubled homes.

“Anybody can have a tough break,” said German. “But rather we’re here to help and support those families with the hope of course that at some point those families can get back together.”

Now they’re doing more than that. Out of those 14 children they have officially adopted two. On top of that, they continue to care for their own 16-year-old teenager and fostering a two week old baby girl.

They most recently adopted Pablo Antonio who wore a superman cape during his adoption ceremony at the courthouse. The Fuentes say they don’t feel like heroes but that the kids they care for, sure are.

“He’s so cute, he’s so handsome and very smart,” said Danae.

They say the number of kids entering the child protection system has increased and they’re just hoping more folks will step in.

“We know that we have the potential to really change somebody’s life and for the better, and I think that makes it all worth it,” German added.

Credit for this story goes to Stephanie Bechara, News 13