Imagine the Possibilities

As children, we often spend time daydreaming of what life will be like when we grow up. We dream about becoming a doctor, lawyer, or firefighter like our favorite role models. We imagine what it will feel like to sit behind the wheel of a brand new car on our sixteenth birthday. We imagine the look on our parents faces as they burst with pride when we receive our college acceptance letter to their alma mater. We imagine one day finding true love, and saying “I do” surrounded by family and friends.

For many youth in foster care, these possibilities seem like a far off dream. It is difficult to dream of being a doctor, when you are only surrounded by social workers. It is difficult to dream of a brand new car when you have never received a Christmas present. It is difficult to imagine the possibilities of a bright future when your current reality seems so stark and bleak.

Every child has the right to a happy, fulfilling childhood. At Embrace Families, we are committed to providing children in foster care with experiences and opportunities that shows them all the joy and possibilities that life has to offer.

Whether it is participating in our job shadowing days where youth explore exciting new careers that were previously unknown to them; introducing them to the thrills of college football games through our partnership with UCF athletics; or participating in our Cars for Kids Giveaway with Reed Nissan after receiving their license from our Keys to Independence program; we are committed to our mission of inspiring every child, every day.

When our children imagine the possibilities of what their future holds, YOU can help them feel full hope and excitement. YOU can show them life gets better. You can become a foster parent, mentor, or volunteer and make a true difference in a child’s life. What better day to start than today?