Orlando Sentinel: For foster youth, the road to independence is steep

Foster Youth Voice Day

This week we celebrated Foster Youth Voice Day in Florida, a chance to empower youth in the child welfare system to help drive understanding of their lived experience, and to take an active role in decision-making within the child welfare system.

One voice we heard was that of Edward Grillo, a resilient young man determined to make things better for the kids in foster care who come behind him.  To read his op-ed, which appeared in the Orlando Sentinel on Florida Foster Youth Voice Day, click here or download pdf.

Show Your Support

And, to show your support for this initiative, sign the Youth Voice Pledge:  http://selflesslovefoundation.org/one-voice-impaact/

Embrace Families’ partners in Florida Foster Youth Voice Day include: One Voice IMPAACT, Selfless Love Foundation, Florida Coalition for Children and our child welfare agency colleagues statewide.