Welcome! We are so honored to partner with you for services to our children and their families!

In an effort to expedite payment for your services, the following supporting documentation is necessary:

  1. Invoice with your organization name, logo, remittance address, telephone number, and date.
    1. Specify terms according to contract or agreement (e.g. Net 30, etc.)*
    2. Specify dates of service and agreed fees or rate
    3. Separate by child’s name
  2. Service Request Authorization
    1. Shows the child’s name, type of service, rate, and total approved
    2. Shows the authorization number and county serviced
    3. Signed by the Case Manager/Supervisor
  3. Other Supporting documentation as necessary
    1. Court Order (when court ordered services)
    2. Lease Agreement (when asking for rent assistance)
    3. W-9 (updated annually and if new vendor)
    4. Payment receipts or 3rd party invoices (if reimbursing expenses like utilities, etc.)
    5. Flyer or copy of web page documenting prices
    6. Vendor account statement (when invoice not available)
    7. Check Request (for internal CBC employee requests)