Meet Our 2018 Cars for Kids Winners!

You voted, and now we’re celebrating! At this year’s Cars for Kids 2018 — TWO deserving youth won brand new Nissan Sentras, courtesy of Reed Nissan, to eliminate the number one barrier to their success: reliable transportation. Read the bios that helped them win it all. Video of this great event coming soon. Make sure to stockpile some tissues.

Justin, Winner of 2018’s Car for Kids Giveaway

Justin: Justin is a part time student and part time employee with big plans for his future. He has successfully completed his undergraduate degree and is currently pursuing his MBA in business marketing. Having grown up in the foster care system, Justin’s long term goal is to work with other foster youth, guiding and empowering them to find their own path to success. Ultimately he aspires to start up his own foster home. Justin says: “If awarded to me, I will use this car for the continuation of my education. It will also give me a way to take foster youth from Boys Town on outings, helping provide them a more normal childhood experience.”

Claudia, Winner of the 2018 Cars for Kids Giveaway

Claudia: Claudia’s childhood, like many others, had a rough beginning. She has dealt with many hardships and great pain. From the age of 12, this young lady assumed the role of her own caregiver. While not the easiest way to grow up, that experience has led her to become the young adult that she is: a bright, caring, responsible, trustworthy and passionate girl who is determined not to let her past dictate her future. Her ambition and determination are so big that, instead depending on others, she uses her bike to get her everywhere she needs to be — including school and her job at Panera Bread. Winning this car would allow Claudia to become fully independent, to pursue her dreams, and to change her life.