Strong families and strong communities made possible by YOU!

Lifting Families Together.

As professionals constantly juggling the daily demands of managing child welfare caseloads, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of our primary mission: to lift families up so that they can reach their full potential.

Which is why it is especially important to pause to say this: The work that you do to strengthen our community, one family at a time, is important, invaluable and much appreciated.

It is those efforts to help families reunify that we celebrate in June, which is National Reunification Month.

National Reunification Month is a season to celebrate all who contribute to bringing families back together. We celebrate the families who put in the hard work to overcome obstacles that make it safe for their children to return home. We celebrate the foster and relative caregivers who provide temporary but loving shelter to children and support to their struggling parents. And we celebrate the child welfare professionals who provide the roadmap and resources to help families along the path to reunification.

Did you know?
The results of this work are also worth celebrating.

•   Here in Florida, over 6,900 children were reunified with their families during the past year. (March 2019 — March 2020)

•   These children represent almost half of the 14,593 kids who found permanency during that same time period.

•   Over 93% of all children reunified with their parents do not experience any further disruption in their home within the 12 months following their case being closed.

Strong families and strong communities made possible by YOU!
We are sincerely grateful for your work on behalf of Central Florida families. From all of us at Embrace Families, thank you for your commitment to helping your clients become the parents they want to be and that their children need. You are a true champion for children.